How to Ride

We make it simple to learn how to ride RTD with our complete and easy steps to riding several RTD services. You'll be riding RTD like a transit pro in no time.

How to ride the bus

How to ride the bus

Six steps to get you where you're going on RTD bus service.
Learn how to ride the bus

How to ride rail

how to ride rail

It's easy to get going with rail.
Learn how to ride rail
Riding commuter rail

How to transfer

how to transfer

Making connection is easy, once you know how to transfer.
Learn how to transfer

How to park

how to park

Park your car and hop on board. It's that easy.
Learn how to park

Learn how to ride RTD

Rider Code of Conduct

For the safety, convenience, and comfort of everyone, RTD has established a Code of Conduct which addresses certain conduct that is prohibited on all RTD vehicles, facilities, and property.

Read the Code of Conduct