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Free MallRide

Experience the sights and sounds of downtown Denver on RTD's Free MallRide. This shuttle bus travels on 16th Street between Union Station and Civic Center Station, stopping at every block in-between.

See Free MallRide frequency schedule

Free MetroRide

It's the perfect option for downtown commuters. Running between Union Station Bus Concourse and Civic Center Station in downtown Denver, this free service makes limited stops along 18th and 19th streets.

See Free MetroRide frequency schedule


Get to sporting events, races or Eldora Mountain Resort quickly and easily on one of our specialty SportsRide services:

Use Next Ride for the next scheduled departures from your stop, station, or Park-n-Ride.

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Text Next Ride

Using your mobile device, receive the next scheduled departures at a specific stop by using the designated five-digit stop number.

  1. Text 83350
  2. Enter your stop number
    You can also enter your stop number (space) route name or number
Example: Text a stop number and route
Text: 17891 DM
Response: DM@4:52p,5:22p,5:50p

You will receive the next scheduled departures for the route you entered. If you choose not to enter a specific route number or name, you will receive the departures for all routes serving the stop, up to 95 characters. If the list of departures exceeds 95 characters, the remaining routes will not be displayed. If your stop serves multiple routes, we recommend you enter your specific route.

Example: Text a stop number only
Text: 17891
Response: AB@4:20p

Note: although the route DM serves this stop, the DM was not listed in the response due to the list of departure times exceeding the 95 characters text limit.

* Message and data rates may apply.

This new text messaging service was made possible through our partnership with Mobile Marketing.